Our Story.

The Kings Head Hotel, originally the Kings Head Inn has a rich South Australian history dating back to 1848. Our venue was later renovated with Glen Osmond stone and the iconic cantilevered balcony, spectacularly overlooking King William and Sturt Street.

Today, we are a family-run public house, pizzeria and cafe that cherishes our history, while proudly showcasing contemporary South Australia through locally sourced food, beverages and a tastefully renovated venue.

The latest chapter of the Kings Head celebrates the unison of Italian influence and Australian culture.

Embodying the Italian tradition of utilising only the best seasonal produce “prodotti stagionale”, you can expect fresh ingredients in exciting dishes that complement our beloved environment.

We are excited to present the new Kings Head Hotel, featuring Pizzeria Regina and the King’s Cafe, merging Australian and Italian dining under one roof to create a truly unique experience, from our family to yours.


The Kings Head Hotel

Image courtesy of the State Library of South Australia's 'Jackman Gooden Collection'.

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